Ways to Contribute

March 1-8, 2024 Alcott will hold an online auction to raise funds for Phase II of our Makerspace, a lab that encourages creativity, success and even failure as students plan, execute and redesign projects that positively impact our school, community, and world. Consider donating a gift card, product, service or buy-in party to our silent auction to help raise money for this important cause!

Donate an Item to the Auction

 Items such as restaurant, spa and/or entertainment gift cards, jewelry, bath products, school supplies, dental services, housewares, season tickets, sports memorabilia, hotel stays, vacation homes or anything else you can donate would be greatly appreciated! No item is too small!

Use this form to politely ask businesses to donate an item. 

Email Ron Chan with auction items or questions or drop your completed donation agreement form in the FOA mailbox just inside the main doors.

Donate an Item

Host a Buy-in Party

What's a “buy-in” party? It’s a party hosted by you at your home or location of your choice. Parties can be for adults, kids or both and the money raised goes directly to our spring fundraiser!

First, pick a party theme – it can really be anything at all. Host a wine tasting; game night; costume party; bowling night – anything that you think sounds fun!

Then, pick a time/date.

Next, tell us how much parents need to pay to attend and how many guests you'd like.

That's it! We'll advertise it during the silent auction and people will buy tickets to your event. You'll pay for the food, beverages or whatever else is required to host the party (it's tax deductible), and the ticket sales help us raise money for Phase II of Makerspace! 

If you need ideas, reach out and we can help you come up with something! Email Marisa Ryan for more info.

Buy-in Party Form

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors will have their brand, product or business featured in a variety of ways depending on your sponsorship level. Alcott is more than just an elementary school – it’s a tight-knit family of educators, students and parents. We hope you will be a part of this year’s success by becoming a corporate sponsor!

Sponsorship Info

Donate to the Pledge Drive

The 2023-2024 Annual Fund’s goal breaks down to a $1,300 ($144/month recurring gift over 9 months) per-child ask. Please consider a one-time or monthly gift of any amount to continue supporting Alcott!

Donate to the Annual Pledge Drive